Actual photo taken in Fiji of our custom-made wedding bands

Feedback from Rome Rodriguez:

"On my Mom's 50th birthday, I wanted to give her something special and meaningful but still affordable. Then it came to me that as the symbol for 50 yrs is gold, it made sense to give her a jewelry set. In working with the people behind Better Together, I was able to give my beloved mother a truly special custom-made jewelry to show how much I love her. Not only did she love the gift, it also proved to be a good investment. It's been 10 years since my Mom turned 50 but the gift I gave her is still with her and still helps her look more beautiful every time she wears it!"

Feedback from Mr. and Mrs. Bellosillo:

"Diamonds may be forever, but they are brittle. Gold may be soft, but does not tarnish. 

No request was too difficult nor too little and Better Together Jewelry gave us our wedding ring wish.

Elegance and simplicity make an amorous statement for eternity.

Some things last a lifetime, a tattoo you may regret or a golden ring for your loved one. 

I chose the latter and our rings made by Better Together Jewelry will remain after we’re gone."